Friday, November 10, 2006

Next step

After you have knit up 60 rounds or 5" (hint both are the same:), it is time to start on the heel!

Heel Pattern

Knit 15 stitches. On a new needle knit 30 (this will leave 15 stitches unknitted).

*turn, Slip 1, Purl 29. turn, slip 1, knit 29*. Continue from * to * for a total of 18 rows.

*Turn, slip 1, purl 2 together, purl to last 3 stitches, purl 2 together, purl 1. Turn, slip 1, knit 2 together, knit to last 3 stitches, knit 2 toghether, knit 1* Continue from * to * until there are 18 stitches remaining on the needle.

You have now made a pretty little flap. If you have done this correctly, you can pick up 13 stitches on one side and 12 on the other. On the side with 12, I pick up an extra stitch to make both sides even:) I then knit round once to properly place all stitches(see picture). The stitches that were not used are all placed on one needle with a stitch marker placed where I started knitting. The heel flap stitches are all placed evenly on the other two needles. When I knit the picked up stitches I like to twist them so that the new fits snuggly up against the old stitches:)

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Other Fun Facts..................

I taught myself to knit by watching a woman while on a flight from Scotland to the USA in 1996.

I taught myself how to spin yarn Feb 15th, 2007. I think I've done fairly well:)

'Lunabud' is a combination of two dogs' names I was loved by, Buddy and Luna:)