Tuesday, November 08, 2011

SAFF 2012

Well, it has come and gone.  This 2012 SAFF was a first time vending experience for LunabudKnits.   And did we ever have fun!!!    This year we were set up in the Sales Arena on the top of the hill.  And as I said on the SAFF Ravelry board:

Mom and I had an absolute blast meeting everyone. The weather was perfect for our first year vending at SAFF! Have to say, This is one of the smoothest festivals to attend from the ease of knowing before hand about set up to the smiling faces of SAFF Staff and of course the attendees who kept us smiling, laughing (with and at us), and busy all day!
Having the opportunity to meet so many of my online Raverly & Facebook personas as well as gaining so many new friends, I am truly overwhelmed with how wonderful everyone was. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such a fabulous event!
Thank You to my customers and all the wonderful SAFF people who made this festival the hot awesomeness that it was! I better not forget to thank Mom either. With out her help and support, I don’t know what I would do!  I also would not have any pictures of the booth as I completely forgot to take any. Luckily Mom had my back:)
Oh and PS… The pink boots came from Marshals:)

The new wall of yarn!
Wall 'O' Wool

I always enjoy having a fun time with happy customers!

If you are ever in Fletcher,NC, I would like to recommend the Blue Sky Cafe.   Oh MY...the fried raviolis were  fabulous and don't forget to try the sweet tater fries!  Awesomely delicious!!

On my way to SAFF in Tennessee somewhere...

About to go through a mountain side tunnel in NC.

In the tunnel.

My purchases from the show:)

Other Fun Facts..................

I taught myself to knit by watching a woman while on a flight from Scotland to the USA in 1996.

I taught myself how to spin yarn Feb 15th, 2007. I think I've done fairly well:)

'Lunabud' is a combination of two dogs' names I was loved by, Buddy and Luna:)