Thursday, May 05, 2011

Fungus Amungus

It goes with out say, we have had our fair share of rain lately.  Enough so that I have wondered of the need to build our own personal little Ark with enough room for Bill, the critters and of course little ol' me.  Well, and enough room for his guitars & my fiberly pursuits of course.  And there surely will be room for all friends and family, but let's hope its doesn't come to that;)

I digress just a tad from the title, but not much.  For you see, with out all this miserable soul crushing endless rain there wouldn't be the bounty of natures little helpers we seem to have now.  Beautiful fungi of all shapes and sizes just in time to help those dead things in the soil decay just a little bit more so that we can have the lovely green growth we so desire each year after the spring showers.

These are just a few we found in the yard the other day between torrential down pours.  Bill was wondering if any were edible and while I love the simple beauty of a mushroom as it pokes from the ground to open it's cap and spread forth it's spores,  I don't think I was quite in the mood to be his 'royal taste tester'

Fungi eating away at a stump from a bush we removed several years ago.

Fairy ring around our pear tree.

The caps do look like frilly little fairy wings do they not?

Cracking caps
This one is my favorite.  A close up of the previous caps.

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Delighted Hands said...

Sorry for all the rain-it has been extreme. The mushrooms, etc, are beautiful to look at. Hope you start to dry out soon though! (Has it cramped your builders' work schedule?!)

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