Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Wheel's Likes & Dislikes.

I have very much so enjoyed reading everyone's odes and woes of their wheels in the Spin-List Group on Yahoo.  Figure it is my turn to give it a whirl and thought I might as well post them here too;)

My numero uno absolutely favorite go to wheel is the Louet S10.  Here are the reasons why I adore it so....  
For starters, I can spin art yarn on it and cram a large assortment of funky stuff through the 1/2" orifice.  This also makes using an orifice hook pretty well obsolete. 
Secondly, the bobbins... OMG... the huge bobbins just make me squeeee in delight when I find I have managed to spin an entire 1/2 pound of wool onto just one bobbin.  In truth here, the last ounce was a bugger to get on, but it did go on;)
Finally I like that you ABSOLUTELY CAN spin lace with this wheel simply by adding a core to the bobbin.  My favorite method is to use a piece of foam insulation cut to the size of my bobbin and spinning from there.  This is the same insulation tubing used to winterize metal piping in colder climates.  Of course Louet does make a lace flyer with fatcore bobbins for this wheel, but I have always been a fan of simple home ingenuity;)

Probably my only dislike of this wheel is that it is a touch modern looking for my tastes.  But in all honesty, the simple look of the S10 is really growing on me.  Especially after I came to realization what a lovely canvas it makes when painting scenes and happy smiling sheepies!

Now, some of my current wheels and likes/dislikes:

Same as above but add the dislike of having just one treadle.

Likes: For the most part the same as the S10 Single Treadle, but the price simply can not be beat!!
dislike.....  Assembly.  But for the price, who cares!

PS:  I custom paint these for folks:)

Likes:  Super fast little spinner that can transition easily from lace to bulky in a heart beat.  It fits in a back pack so that you can take on a flight as carry on luggage. Assembling and disassembling is as easy as pulling off the flyer assemble and disconnecting the  footman to fold it over and put in the back pack.  Great if you need to save space or erm... Keep the hubs from knowing you brought yet another wheel into the house...hahaha
Dislikes:  smaller bobbins than the S10, but they are comparable if not larger in size that other popular wheels.  So really, what am I being itchy about..hahaha

100+yr Castle Wheel- (on left)
Likes:  simple design with ornate turnings.  Easy to use and was my first wheel.
dislikes:   There is only one itty-bitty bobbin so any type of production is definitely out of the question.

Kromski Sonata (Sold) (on right)
Likes:  Semi Portable.  This was my very first brand spanking wheel that was not over 100 years old and I was amazed at it's smooth treadling and ease of use.
Dislikes:  It is really not at all easy to assemble or disassemble in my opinion.  When put up it saves a little more space than when assembled, but not a wheel that you can take on a plane as carry on baggage.

Oak Walking Wheel 100+ yr
Likes:  Absolutely stunning wheel that is complete and excellent for demonstrations.
dislikes:  Weighs a ton and difficult to transport.  This makes it more of a conversation piece in my living room.

Castle Wheel from Lithuania 100+yr
Likes:  Pretty blue paint and ornately hand turned woodwork. Spins, but with a wobble
Dislikes:  Quite a few of the pieces did not arrive with the wheel from Lithuania which resulted in costly repairs.  

Pirtle Wheel
Likes:  1" orifice excellent for spinning bulky & art yarns
Dislikes:  The treadle is so darn awkward

1960's model Charkha 
Likes:  It's a pretty display piece.
Dislikes:  Wobble to drive wheel which causes the drive band to pop off.

late 1800's early 1900's table tip Charkha (No Picture)
Likes:  It's cute
Dislikes:  Needs a new quill, but the repair will be tricky.  Still working it out.

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Delighted Hands said...

Delightful role call! I love the look of the walking wheel but can see how it is 'large'. Nice wheel review!

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