Monday, April 23, 2007

Home at last!

Honestly, we wish we were still out there in the wild woods of Red River Gorge. We had so much fun, got so darn dirty, and had just a good 'ol time! Here is a pic of Miss Piper and I until I have time to sort through all the rest.


Silver said...

OMG that is the hugest dog -- LOL! (I came on over from the wolf dog discussion we're having, by the by, in case you're like, "Who the heck is this?" ;))

Knit Lunabud Knit said...

LOL..Shhhush she doesn't know big she All she knows is that I am hers:) My big ol' drooling fuzz ball:)

Other Fun Facts..................

I taught myself to knit by watching a woman while on a flight from Scotland to the USA in 1996.

I taught myself how to spin yarn Feb 15th, 2007. I think I've done fairly well:)

'Lunabud' is a combination of two dogs' names I was loved by, Buddy and Luna:)