Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Little pot that could....

Little pot that could.... poach an egg that is!  This was one of the fabulous finds from way back in the corner of Granny's kitchen cabinet.  Pretty sure this little pot which barely fits on the small stovetop burner is made of aluminum.  The bits are easily bent out of shape and just as easily bent back.

Take off the lid and insert to add a bit of water in the bottom pan.

Dribble a wee bit of oil into the egg insert and once it warms up, drop in your egg.

It is hard to resist taking a peek, but as you can see here, it starts by steaming the edges of whites and works it's way to the center.

Depending on how well you want your egg cooked, the center can be a warm creamy mess that is readily sopped up with toast or cook it hard.  Probably not the contraption a huge family would get along well with.  That makes it perfect for me in the mornings.  Bill is usually up early and I sleep in a little, so I can enjoy starting my day with a little egg on my face;)


Delighted Hands said...

My grandma had one just like it-very neat to use it!

LunabudKnits said...

This one does not lay quite as flat as it could, so it wobbles a touch on the burner. Does not hurt it's usefulness though. I just love using things that my Granny used.

k.crane at big fat art cloth said...

I love sopping up egg with toast - one of my favorite things.

Other Fun Facts..................

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