Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair Post 1.... The Drive

What a long strange trip the past 6 days have been.  It all started with a drive from Central KY to Grayslake IL which is basically a suburb on the Northwest end of Chicago.

Chicago, Chicago, CHIAGOO.  I don't know why but each time I think of Chicago, ChiaGoo pops into my mind.  Do you think subliminally I am trying to tell myself something?  Like, I really need to start and account with ChiaGoo.  Who knows!

Back to the trip though.  The drive up was fairly uneventful but I did take that opportunity to work on my  commando style of picture taking from the truck as I'm driving down the interstate.   Basically, with out looking, I hold my camera in the direction of the interesting thing and click away hoping against common sense that maybe, just maybe one shot out of 50 will turn out even remotely viewable.

It is hard to see in the photo but the arrow is pointing to a huge peace sign on the barn roof.  I have a feeling this is one of those farms I would enjoy driving up to just knock on the door and say hello.

Approaching Indianapolis heading to ChiaGoo Land.

Now these wind harvesters are probably some of the mightiest things I have seen is a very long time.  I litterally slowed down so that I could take picture that might turn out a little less blurry.  Unfortunately I could not stop as I was surrounded by semis and they frown upon having to slow down for the crazy lady hauling a trailer with huge pink balls of yarn plastered on the side to constantly pull over on the side of the road.

The pictures really do not capture the immense size of the wind harvesters.  They are huge monoliths set in offset rows.  The arms are gracefully turned with the intense wind this area of Indiana has.  A truly unique show.

Hard to read but basically, this is the sign that says I-65 ends.

What the previous sign failed to mention was that I-65 ended on a narrow freaking mile long bridge with absolutely NO shoulder and a terrible drop to your death if you should say accidentally drive through the barrier and over the edge.

This sign lied to me.  15 minutes in ChiaGoo Land is actually 1.5 hours to the rest of the world.  The rush hour drive was not as boring as I might have expected though.  An fellow from India called the number on the side of the trailer and tried to pick me up while in bumper to bumper traffic.  Is that crazy or what!?!

The First toll booth was only $2.  The next sign which I failed to get a picture of was  'The Mayor of Chicago Welcomes You'.

Remember when I said the Mayor of Chicago greeted me, well he took it back less than a mile down the road with a Toll fee of $10.  What a warm welcome to ChiaGoo Land.

I have no idea what these signs meant, but they were a bit of color in the drab existence of rush hour traffic on the Chicago Skyway.

I think if they can charge me $10 to drive through ChiaGoo Land the least they can do is patch the holes showing exposed rebar under the bridges.

At this point I had gotten off of the Interstate thinking that maybe, just maybe traffic would move a little smoother.  HA! They had a storm the night before which knocked out all the lights at intersections.  Is that crazy or what.  Took 45 minutes to go 400 feet.  As luck would have it the pretty little grasses kept me entertained for hours on end as they swayed in the breeze of our exhaust pipes.  I might have been a little delirious at this point.

More to come tomorrow,..............


vloula said...

glad you made it and survived ;) when i made the trip a couple years ago the wind harvesters were definitely my favorite roadside view. SO huge and doing such an amazing thing!

Delighted Hands said...

We learned when my daughter lived there, that you do not say how far it is to suchandsuch, you say how long it takes to get there! Distance is time! Looks like a fun trip so far!

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I taught myself how to spin yarn Feb 15th, 2007. I think I've done fairly well:)

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