Friday, February 04, 2011

Fiber Fail

I love my fiber and I love Miss Piper, but there is a reason I use to take her to the groomer for a clipping.  Miss Piper is a 150 lb geriatric Newfoundland dog.  Most Newfies live to the age of 8 or 9, but Piper turned 11 years old December 31st!  She has arthritis and brushing her long coat is not very comfortable for my big girl.

Due to her advanced age and arthritis, Piper can not go for truck rides any more:(  Just yesterday, she knew I was leaving the house for a trip to town and she meandered out the door to stand next to my truck as if to say... 'UM, I'm going too!'  I know she would try to hop in the truck if I gave her a chance.  Unfortunately, she is having a hard time moving around these days and any attempt at a big jump would probably result in injury for our big girl, so I have to  do the 'fake out'.  This usually involves either walking around with the keys in my pocket all morning, or setting them on the front porch out of the fuzz ball's ear shot.

The really sad part of this story is my lack of clipping ability.  See there really is a reason why I like the groomer to clip Miss Piper and this is it:


Poor Piper, we are only a little over half way through!  I"m just happy that she like the feel of her buzz cut, because it sure is not a very cute one.  Sorry girl!

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Delighted Hands said...

My husband tried to cut our poodles hair once...he didn't begrudge the groomers rate after that fiasco! Dogs are so forgiving....!

Other Fun Facts..................

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I taught myself how to spin yarn Feb 15th, 2007. I think I've done fairly well:)

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